Feedback from some of the most powerful players in the music industry.

We approached Zeina prior to launching our warehouse club series early last year. She drew up a comprehensive, forward-looking business plan that helped us understand our customers’ needs and elevate The Portal to an established fixture on the Birmingham circuit. Since then, every one of our twenty-plus nights has sold out completely and we have played host to some of the most credible brands out due in no small part to her long-term vision and meticulous attention to detail.
— Andy Bell, Portal Music

Zeina and her team are amongst the finest in promotion and marketing that we have had the pleasure to work with. We first worked with Zeina back in 2011 and from the very introduction we knew that we needed to work with her on our large-scale events. We’ve never looked back. Her dedication and tenacity is unparalleled, whilst her team are incredibly pro-active in making sure that the events that we need to promote stand out from amongst the crowd.
— Tom Paine, Director at Love Saves The Day, In:Motion, Love International

High Definition is a real labour of love for me and the other directors, and after establishing a local fan base in our first year we wanted to kick it up a notch. Running a dance festival is a competitive business, especially in the South-East, but Zeina and her team brought a level of professionalism to the marketing of the event that has seen us sell out every year since. In our third year their help was invaluable in making the transition to a new site away from home turf and I would recommend Zeina Ltd. to anyone.
— Danny May, High Definition Festival

Zeina’s insight into the scene and marketing expertise has been massively helpful in developing long-term strategies for my artists. Her team will work tirelessly to drive events to sell-out and if I’m booking for a show we’re collaborating on then I can be confident in the knowledge that we will do the numbers.
— Rag Satguru, Grade Management