Services We Offer

Operating within a crowded, competitive marketplace requires that we use all available media to reach and retain a smart, selective and highly informed audience. We are happy to be able to offer our services in the following areas:


Digital Marketing

  • Creating an online presence for your business on social media, building an audience and reaching potential new customers.
  • Building a strong database for email marketing and executing successful, engaging email campaigns.
  • Monitoring and interpreting Google Analytics to gauge effectiveness of budget spend with third parties and drive website traffic.
  • Leveraging Facebook and Twitter advertising to generate sales.
  • Identifying and utilising relevant third-party advertisers to expand the reach of your business or event.  
  • Creating engaging and relevant website content to stand out from the competition.

Physical Promotion

  • Establishing a physical presence for your business or event on a local and national level. Gauging where and when to advertise to generate maximum return.
  •  Print advertising: identifying suitable publications to advertise with and getting the best deals on space.
  • Creating eye-catching and concise promotional materials and point-of-sale material to raise awareness of your business or event. 
  •  Recruiting and maintaining networks of promotional staff to advocate for your brand.

Press and PR

  • Recruiting press officers and PR agencies to secure widespread coverage in relevant publications.

Branding and Long-Term Strategy

  • Creation of a comprehensive business plan for your company encompassing the following areas:
    • Marketing strategies analysing your business’ position within the industry and the wider competitive context
    • Scheduling, costings and development
    • Staffing and personnel: drawing up thorough roles and responsibilities for each member of staff and accounting for development within their roles
    • Operations and management plans describing the logistical requirements of each individual or department within the company.
    •  Financial forecasts including income statement, cash flow and balance sheet 
    • Growth plans for the next one, two and five years.